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New Stylish Options are in Your Closet

Shirts in Closet

Your closet could be a beautiful display of your clothing options or it could be a holding place for your garments.

When the seasons change and you swap your clothing or when you are ready for something new, the best place to go shopping first is in your closet. There could be hidden treasures in there.

In your closet you could find a garment you like, and either paid a significant price for it or got it at a bargain, however It doesn't fit right or doesn't fit your style anymore.

Tailoring could be an option. At Trend Simple we could take the garment in or out (if there is room in the seams), make the sleeves shorter or change them. Make the garment shorter or add fabric/trim to make it longer - the options can be endless.

Now let's go shopping in our closet……


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