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trend simple
We believe just that -
Trends Should be Simple. 


So what really looks good on you?  That’s your trend - it’s simple. 


We're a Tailoring Service that focused on identifying and highlighting what really looks good on you and ensuring that it fits properly,so you are always on Trend.


Trend Simple is the combination of 26 years of Garment Design, Garment Construction and always a Focus on Fit.  


We focus on and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a look that feels good and looks right - it’s that Simple to be on Trend

01 Alterations


To Alter - verb - To make different in some particular way, as size, style or the like; to modify.


Do you have challenges buying ready to wear clothing off the rack?  Do you find that it just doesn’t fit right?


Do you have a garment(s) in your closet that you would love to wear, but it just doesn’t fit right? 


Alterations could be the answer 

05 General Sewing of the Special  Kind 



To Reconstruct -  - to construct again, rebuild, make over.  To re-create, to build or form by putting together parts.

Is there a garment in your closet that seemed like a good idea in the store but when you got it home seemed all wrong…


Do you have a garment that your favorite family member gave you as a gift and you can’t part with it, but it’s just not your style….


Garment Re-construction could be the answer….


During Garment Re-construction we work with you to determine if a sleeve should be added, or deleted.  Should the garment be shorten or should something be added to it, you get the idea, we want to adjust it to your style.

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